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ESP8266 pinout: the ESP-01 and ESP-12 on nice new pin out diagrams

The ESP01, ESP12 and ESP03 are featured on the new pinout diagrams that show all pins, their functions and limits.

Alberto Piganti, known as PighiXXX, likes to draw beatiful pinout diagrams, and now has illustrated the ESP-01, ESP-12 and ESP-03.

I have covered his work earlier on this post about his circuit diagrams collection (sorry, portuguese only – but the diagrams are in english), and you probably know his work from popular diagrams showing the pinouts of Arduinos and other popular development and IoT boards.

The new diagrams show not only the pin designations on the 3 popular ESP8266 WiFi boards, but also some useful information about their limits of voltage and current, extra functions for many communication protocols (MISO, MOSI, RTS, CTS and the like), and even pin combinations needed on boot and sleep mode.

The full image is 1240x1753 pixels large. Get it on PighiXXX's portfolio.