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An IFTTT operated, WiFi enabled, automatic garage door opener

Rick Troiani built an IFTTT-enabled garage opener, that can be operated from his phone, smartwatch or the web, using a WiFi module and a relay shield.

Rick, an IT director that still likes to tinker, chose the WiFi-enabled Particle Photon to run his project. Hardware-wise it's very simple, as you can see in the picture:

The code is very short (121 lines, including comments) and uses IFTTT's Maker Channel to receive commands from the IFTT Go Button on Rick's smartphone – but could be tied also to other IFTTT's triggers: proximity status, an e-mail, the weather, etc.

Actually, just from writing the above sentence, my mind is now overflowing with ideas for IFTTT-based home automation. These are indeed interesting times, my friends.

Read it: Photon Garage Opener using Do Button and IFTTT, on