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One Dollar Board: interview with the creator of the US$1 Arduino Compatible

This ATtiny85-based board has an ambitious goal: help bringing electronics and programming to all classrooms. 

ESP8266-based interface connects classic ZX81 computers to WiFi networks

An ESP8266-based interface connects classic ZX81 computers to FTP servers to quickly load games and programs. 

Enter the Red Dragon: new brazilian Arduino compatible board is hot stuff

Packing GSM/GPRS, WiFi and sensors, Uno-sized Red Dragon board runs on an ATmega328. 

The Pyramid's Secret: brazilian high school kids create Arduino-powered board game as a class assignment

This Egypt-themed board game is powered by an Arduino Nano, and was created as a high school assignment by 4 brazilian students. 

Belterrino V3, now with H Bridge, internal buttons and leds, and... tar pit based paint

An Atmega328 standalone with built-in H Bridge, user controlled buttons and leds, home made with scrap and recycled materials. 

Making an ESP8266 development board using an ESP-01 and some easily found components

How to make your own ESP-01-based development board with USB-Serial, buttons, indicators and more. 

Cheap Bluetooth 4.0 LE beacons, with your Arduino and a US$ 0,80 NRF24L01+ radio module

The humble NRF24L01+ costs less than a dollar and, although not being a Bluetooth device, can be cleverly programmed to work as a BLE beacon. 

Atmel Studio 7 is new, free, includes one-click code import from Arduino IDE

The new version of Atmel's IDE is free of charge and woos Arduino makers longing for new development resources. 

NodeLHC: new development module based on ESP-12, born on a hacker club

This new open hardware ESP8266 development board with voltage regulator, USB-serial and built-in I2C connector was born on brazilian Campinas Hacker Labs. 

ESP8266 pinout: the ESP-01 and ESP-12 on nice new pin out diagrams

The ESP01, ESP12 and ESP03 are featured on the new pinout diagrams that show all pins, their functions and limits. 

An IFTTT operated, WiFi enabled, automatic garage door opener

Rick Troiani built an IFTTT-enabled garage opener, that can be operated from his phone, smartwatch or the web, using a WiFi module and a relay shield. 

Arduino and ESP8266: level shifting between 5V and 3.3V

With a pair of resistors, Rui Santos – from RamdomNerdTutorials fame – explains how to connect your Arduino's 5V ports to the ESP8266's 3.3V ports: level shifting, of course. 

VGA Pong on an Arduino without shields or extra ICs

Connecting Arduinos to VGA monitors is all the rage, these days, and Rob Cai's instructable shows us how to do it without special hardware. 

Watchduino 2: an Arduino-based smartwatch that doesn't look like a bomb

Watchduino 2 is a smartwatch with an OLED screen, Bluetooth LE to connect to Android apps, and can be mounted with US$ 20 in parts. 

Qduino: Sparkfun is selling this extra light, battery-enabled ATmega32U4 board

Qduino Mini V2 is Arduino-compatible, extra light (3.5g/0.125oz) and has all the hardware needed to connect, charge and control a battery, including it's own fuel gauge. 

Arduino Interrupts: keep your ISR functions small and quick!

If your ISR routines are doing too much, they may hog the CPU time, and your main program will starve.